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Powder coating and steel fabrication Company in Musaffah Dubai UAE. Quality Decoration do construction and engineering related projects.

We the Quality Decoration The Quality LLCThe QualityLLC, We provide services like Powder Coating in all over UAE, Dubai. We also provide services related to Steel Fabrication. Our company Quality Decoration or QualityLLC is related to Construction, Engineering, Buildings, Home, House, Office, Schools, Government, Projects, Malls, Shopping Malls.

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Powder Coating Services In Dubai

We provide excellent services. Call us now and get to know us. Our team is expert in their fields. Engineers are certified and will focus on their work with great effectiveness and efficiency. Our deadlines are met according to customers requirements. We prove to be the best powder coating service in UAE. Our customers are greatly satisfied with our work and thus are returning happy customers. We are proud of our quality works regarding powder coating and steel fabrication.

Powder Coating and Steel Fabrication Services In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Musaffah, UAE

Being the leading manufacturer of Paint Finishing Systems, Quality Decoration offers a complete package for any type of projects. Our company has state of the art designed modular Powder Coating Booth and systems for both manual and fully automatic coating applications. Having several years of experience to our benefit, we not only design and manufacture but also provide installation, commissioning and service support of powder coating and steel fabrication works. Apart from our wide gamut colors of Powder Coating , we also provide various range of decoration services for offices, homes, schools etc.


What is Powder Coating?

It is a dry-finishing process where the coating is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. It’s just like a paint without any solvent. The coating is applied electro-statically and then cured under heat which forms a skin type layer on top of the material. This process has become popular in the last 50 years due to its wide applications.

Our powder coated products are extremely resistant to chipping, flaking, solvents, corrosives, and any wear & tear. This unique ability to withstand pressure or damage makes our powder coating a much superior protective coating for different metals. Our powder coating services and steel fabrication are provided in many cities in UAE. Such as Dubai, Sharjah, Alain, Abu Dhabi, Musaffah.

Why Us

Each and every piece that is brought to us is prepared by first chemical stripping, degreasing, or sandblasting to make sure the surface is clean and ready for coating. Next, the coating is evenly applied in a powder form and then baked, resulting in a hard, smooth, paint-like finish (as seen in the picture) which will bend with the metal if it is either dented or struck. This versatile property makes it ideal for a variety of applications, both decorative & practical (functional).


Powder Coating Services In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Musaffah, UAE

Our final product always has a super-high quality finish and can generally be seen on hundreds of products you come in contact with every day.  It can protect the roughest, toughest machinery as well as the household items you depend on daily.  It also provides a durable finish than a common paint, while still providing an attractive finish.  Our products are more resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals, UV light and even abnormal weather conditions. In addition, our coatings significantly decreases the risk of scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading, and other wear & tear.

Our Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Discover our gold plating research and methods. We strictly follow ASTM standards for Hard Gold plating. Silver plating solutions for any industry. All our silver plating process is in accordance with ASTM standards. Anodizing any of your required samples/materials including custom color anodizing options. Skye provides more efficient tin plating processes. Our clients require tin plating on copper bus-bars. The processes of coating nickel via electroless method and other standard methods. We offer the best copper plating solutions in the UAE. Our tank sizes are huge. Hence, we can accommodate bigger materials. Chromate conversion coating by passivation process. Passivation process is carried out in order to prevent corrosion. Black oxide coating on Stainless Steel. Our finished products are of super high quality.

Quality Decoration Powder Coating helps interesting companies create and improve industry products and services through long lasting and mutually rewarding relationships. At Quality Decoration, we work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also delivers on time – crucial to success in a highly competitive market where every day counts. Our team offers the most up-to-date, sustainable custom manufacturing solutions. We only source materials from tried and trusted suppliers that meet our exacting standards of quality control.

More About Us

We help big companies integrate our metal plating technology and scale it without any compromise in quality. We’re always interested in new projects, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your project.

Powder coating produces a high specification coating, Which is relatively hard, abrasion resistant and tough. The choice of finishes is almost limitless.

Our expert surface technicians will assess the item and carry out a complete resurfacing procedure to bring the bare metal back to life.

Aluminium supplied direct from the extrusion process is often contaminated with oil and other residues which will effect the longevity of the final coating.

Our Latest Projects in UAE

 “Quality LLC” or “Quality Decoration” is a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and delivers innovative solutions to our customers, consistently outperforms our peers, and provides a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.

Advantages of Powder Coating

  • A thick layer can be applied in one process (50-200 micron).
  • The finished result guarantees uniform surfaces.
  • Suitable for outdoor use – good resistance to UV and corrosion
  • A beautiful and uniform quality finish without paint runs
  • Cost efficient – even on small batches or single items
  • The electrostatic powder process ensures complete coverage – even on complex shapes
  • Choice of finishes – clear, plain colour, metallic or textured
  • Exceptional gloss and colour retention
  • Robust mechanical and chemical performance – good at resisting abrasion, acids, solvents etc.
  • Good electrical insulation capabilities
  • Contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)


Steel Metal Fabrication Services In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Musaffah, UAE.

Our company Quality Decoration LLC is located in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi. We provide steel fabrication services. We also provide powder coating services.

Our services are provided in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mussafah, Sharjah, UAE.

Types of powder coating

There are three main categories of powder coatings: thermosets, thermoplastics, and UV curable powder coatings. Thermoset powder coatings incorporates a cross-linker into the formulation. When the powder is baked, it reacts with other chemical groups in the powder to polymerize, improving the performance properties. The thermoplastic variety does not undergo any additional actions during the baking process as it flows to form the final coating. UV-curable powder coatings are photopolymerisable materials containing a chemical photoinitiator that instantly responds to UV light energy by initiating the reaction that leads to crosslinking or cure. The differentiating factor of this process from others is the separation of the melt stage before the cure stage. UV-cured powder will melt in 60 to 120 seconds when reaching a temperature 110°C and 130°C. Once the melted coating is in this temperature window it is instantly cured when exposed to UV light.

Advantages over other coating processes

Powder coatings contain no solvents and release little or no amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere. Thus, there is no need for finishers to buy costly pollution control equipment. Companies can comply more easily and economically with the regulations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.[4] Powder coatings can produce much thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging. Powder coated items generally have fewer appearance differences than liquid coated items between horizontally coated surfaces and vertically coated surfaces. A wide range of speciality effects are easily accomplished using powder coatings that would be impossible to achieve with other coating processes.[5] Curing time is significantly faster with powder coatings compared to liquid coatings especially when using ultraviolet cured powder coatings.[6]

Properties of powder coating

Because powder coating does not have a liquid carrier, it can produce thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging, and powder coating produces minimal appearance differences between horizontally coated surfaces and vertically coated surfaces. Because no carrier fluid evaporates away, the coating process emits few volatile organic compounds (VOC). Finally, several powder colors can be applied before curing them all together, allowing color blending and bleed special effects in a single layer. While it is relatively easy to apply thick coatings that cure to smooth, texture-free coating, it is not as easy to apply smooth thin films. As the film thickness is reduced, the film becomes more and more orange peeled in texture due to the particle size and glass transition temperature (Tg) of the powder.

Metal fabrication

Metal fabrication is the creation of metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes. It is a value-added[1] process involving the creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials. Typically, a fabrication shop bids on a job, usually based on engineering drawings, and if awarded the contract, builds the product. Large fab shops employ a multitude of value-added processes, including welding, cutting, forming and machining. As with other manufacturing processes, both human labor and automation are commonly used. A fabricated product may be called a fabrication, and shops specializing in this type of work are called fab shops. The end products of other common types of metalworking, such as machining, metal stamping, forging, and casting, may be similar in shape and function, but those processes are not classified as fabrication.

Metal Fabrication Process

Cutting is done by sawing[2], shearing, or chiseling (all with manual and powered variants); torching with handheld torches (such as oxy-fuel torches or plasma torches); and via numerical control (CNC) cutters (using a laser, mill bits, torch, or water jet).[3] Bending is done by hammering (manual or powered) or via press brakes, tube benders and similar tools. Modern metal fabricators use press brakes to coin or air-bend metal sheet into form. CNC-controlled backgauges use hard stops to position cut parts to place bend lines in specific positions. Assembling (joining of pieces) is done by welding, binding with adhesives, riveting, threaded fasteners, or further bending in the form of crimped seams. Structural steel and sheet metal are the usual materials for fabrication; welding wire, flux and/or fasteners are used to join the cut pieces.

Fabrication comprises or overlaps with various metalworking specialties:

Fabrication shops and machine shops have overlapping capabilities, but fabrication shops generally concentrate on metal preparation and assembly (as described above). Machine shops cut metal, but focus primarily on the machining of parts on machine tools. Some firms do both fab work and machining. Blacksmithing has always involved fabrication, although that term has not always been used. Welder-produced products, often referred to as weldments, are examples of fabrication. Boilermakers originally specialized in fabricating boilers, but the term is now used more broadly. Millwrights originally specialized in setting up grain mills and saw mills, but now perform a wide range of fabrication. Ironworkers, also known as steel erectors, also engage in fabrication. They often work with prefabricated segments, produced in fab shops, that are delivered to the site.


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Quality Decoration Office


The company was established in 1994 under the registered name QUALITY DECORATION CO L.L.C. Our company started with the interior and exterior decoration. Few years later we added a new division of steel & stainless-steel fabrication. We then diversified in becoming specialist in manufacturing Agricultural Parts.

Due to company’s stagnant growth, the company underwent through careful & thorough research of Powder Coating market and thus decided to further expand and start a new plant unit of Powder coating in 2016.



Quality Decoration is involved in manufacturing custom based products tailered towards our client needs, Moreover, we have established a plant of Powder Coating unit providing an e ective and e cient coating services to various di erent industries, designed to meet the demands of our fast- changing planet.


Email: info@qualityllc.ae
Phone: 02 554 8286
Website: www.qualityllc.ae